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Cloud infrastructure pricing and billing models

24 Feb 2011

Previous posts here have considered the costs of both buying and building storage in the cloud. Based on our work so far, we estimate that is possible to build an academic cloud infrastructure (storage and compute) that is both sustainable and that can be offered in broadly the same price ... [read more]

UCISA Cloud Computing seminar

24 Feb 2011

Both David Wallom (OeRC) and Matt Johnson (Eduserv) spoke at the recent UCISA Cloud Computing event in Loughborough.Their presentations are available from the event website:Implementing and using IaaS cloud within the Flexible Services for the Support of Research project (David)FleSSR Business Models (Matt)Some general thoughts on the event by Andy ... [read more]

The costs of building storage for the cloud

10 Dec 2010

In a previous post, The costs of storage in the cloud, I attempted to assess the differing costs of storing various amounts of data in the cloud using Amazon S3, Dropbox and Rackspace. I ended by asking:What is interesting is whether [those prices] can be matched or beaten by academic ... [read more]

Date for your diary - UCISA-IG/NG cloud event, 16th Feb 2011

9 Dec 2010

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The costs of storage in the cloud

8 Dec 2010

As part of beginning to think about the business model issues around FleSSR (one of our deliverables for next year) I've been estimating the costs of storing various amounts of data in the cloud using Amazon S3, Dropbox and Rackspace.I've done calculations for all 3 services for between 50GB and ... [read more]

OpenStack Design Summit Website Launched

24 Nov 2010

Although the FleSSR project has no current plans to use it, the emergence of OpenStack is a very significant development in the open source cloud space and therefore something worth keeping an active eye on. Videos and other material from the recent OpenStack Design Summit are now available through the ... [read more]

Community clouds

5 Nov 2010

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Beginning to build our public infrastructure

1 Nov 2010

Matt, Matteo and I spent a day at Eduserv's Swindon Data Centre last Wednesday, getting the first phase of FleSSR's public cloud up and running.Matt (on the left in the photo) had previously put the hardware in place, leaving Matteo to lead on installing Eucalyptus on the Cluster Controller (the ... [read more]

Introduction to FleSSR

27 Oct 2010

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