Melbourne – Friday

Last full day in Melbourne today… I fly out at 2pm on Saturday.

Wednesday and Thursday seemed to race by…

Weds was the night of the conference dinner. Got a little drunk on all the free wine with the meal, then headed out for a nightcap in a fun bar with a black reflective ceiling somewhere on the east side of the city (though not as far as Far Kew) with Ebe, Emily, Liddy and Stu.

Thurs saw the end of the conference, with yet more free drinks, followed by a meal in China Town with Debbie. It was the Chinese the new year of course, which made it extra entertaining – there were some very loud fire crackers, including one set strung up from the top of a building and covering the length of about 3 floors.

Also arranged to meet up with a few folks from New Zealand for a meal on Friday evening.

Booked my hire car for Friday.

Drove out to Healseville. Quick breakfast in a cafe there, then over to the Healesville Sanctuary to look round. Nice place. The talks by the keepers were especially good.

Sandwich lunch then a two hour walk thru the rain forests in the Dandenong Ranges. To be honest, I probably could have chosen a better walk – like one that gave me some views of something other than trees for example! That said, the height of the trees was well impressive! Ditto the animal and bird noises in the forest.

Spent the evening out with John, Maria and Fiona from New Zealand. Thanks to them for allowing me to gatecrash their evening out – I’d only known them about 15 minutes before inviting myself along. The Tiger Prawn pasta and company was just the job.

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