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Life is Beautiful and I’m Not There

Monday, January 21st, 2008

We watched Life is Beautiful at home on DVD on Saturday night. Great film. Very funny. Very sad. I meant to watch it ages ago but then forgot about it until one of Daisy’s friends suggested that we watch it because Daisy has been reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

I was somehow expecting the second half of the film to be more gritty than it was. Harder. I found myself laughing when Guido mis-translates the German officer when they first arrive at the camp - then thinking, “hang on, should I be laughing at this?”. But that didn’t detract from it - just made it different to what I was expecting.

Anyway, well worth watching if you haven’t seen it.

Likewise, I’m Not There, which I went to see at the Little Theatre in Bath last week. Took me right back to my days of listening non-stop to Bob Dylan. Fantastic. Cate Blanchett rocks! I hadn’t read any of the blurb before going, so although I knew she was in it, I didn’t realise what part she was playing. Suffice to say it took me ages to work it out :-). I have to confess, this is one of the few films I can recall where I would have been quite happy to go back the next day and watch it again.